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Calgary – a green city?

Since I was a teenager, I dreamed of living in Canada once. The moment has finally arrived but my environmental ideas alleviate my euphoria.

Recommended hotels and guest houses in Taiwan

[Guest post] Taiwan as a host โ€“ great accommodations and special people

During their five-week long visit to Taiwan, Nicole and Jรผrgen circumnavigated the whole island. Accordingly, they didn't only see beautiful places but also stayed in a lot of different accommodations: big and small hostels, hotels and guesthouses. Today, both will take us to their endearing hosts and accommodations in which they felt like at home.

How to sleep on a budget in Taiwan - cheap and free options

How to sleep on a budget (or for free) in Taiwan

Can you imagine that the state provides free camping sites? Yahan, you heard right! In the following sections I want to share with you how to sleep for free (or for a few bucks) in Taiwan. Because Taiwan is the perfect spot for travels on a budget.

rough east coast of Taiwan

Taiwan by bike _๐Ÿšฒ_ Cycling along the East coast

Taiwan impressed me with the close proximity of sandy beaches and almost 4000 metres high mountains. Outdoor fans have plenty to enjoy here. The real gem is the circumnavigation of the island with a bicycle. It becomes even better when I tell you that you can rent high-quality bicycles from Giant for small money. In this article I will give you the first infos about a bike trip through Taiwan, covering itineraries and the bike rental.