Hong Kong Street Food

5 snacks you need to try when visiting Hong Kong

Dim sum, grilled seafood, dried seafood, tofu, exotic fruits, pastries, desserts, soft ice, frest coconut milk, bubble tea…  Although Hong Kong, like every big city, has a great variety of cuisines from everywhere in the world, Hong Kong’s self-accomlished speciality is the Street Food.

I was lucky to have a friend from the city who ran with me from A to B to C to try out all the delicacies and still did not get tired to share them with me. I am really thankful to you, Wendy!


On a typical market in Hong Kong – of course I tried fresh coconut milk!

In my thoughts I’m just like: How about living on street food for some time? I’m the kind of person that rather likes to have some small snacks here and there instead of two heavy meals, one at lunch and one for dinner. Plus, I’m sure that it will take some time until I run out of food to try next! At least the 4 days I spent in Hong Kong were way too short to try it all.


While we were trying quite a bit of things, there are always those few that get stuck in your mind (or on your tongue) and that you want to have over and over again! For me that were those five following dishes. ♥

#5: Tofu pudding with ginger water and brown sugar


A very tasty vegan pudding made out of soy beans. What’s really special about this pudding is that it is so smooth that it literally melts on your tongue!

There are also other versions where apricot kernels are used to make the pudding (they taste like almonds). The pudding is served with ginger water and brown sugar. Those two things can be found in small metal boxes on the table. You can add as much as you want.

We ate it in a small local restaurant near the Big Buddha, right there where you enter the Ngong Ping Piazza.

Note: Veganism is typically practised by Buddhist monks, but is apart from that not a too common concept in Hong Kong. However there exist some few places you can go to, like the local restaurants around the Po Lin Monastery (next to the Big Buddha).


#4: Spicy grilled squid


This was the food where I was really not sure if I wanted to try it.. Small dried baby squids were lying on the portable counter of the seller. They get spiced up with a special marinate, cut into small sticks and then grilled over the fire. It made an impression of the Asian version of McDonald’s fries, just that it’s squid what you get in your paper back to take away.

Once in your mouth, you feel the intense taste of dried fish (in a good sense) with a really spicy aftertaste (ironically too hot for my Hong Kongese friend, but just fine for me 😂)
I have to add that in contrast to McDonald’s fries, there is quite something to chew..

We found this street vendor at the roadsite in Tai O on the way to the Heritage Hotel. There are too many of them, so it’s impossible not to run into them.


#3: Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)


It might be weird and glibbery for some, or the yummiest thing for others. These balls are made out of glutinous rice flour and are sold with various fillings (sweet or savoury), such as red beans or peanuts. My favourite were the ones with ground black sesame seeds (very sweet!).

We bought this on a market in Tai O, but I’m sure they can be found at various places. I just recently discovered them in an Asian supermarket here in Germany 😊

They are best to eat warm. That’s why we heated them up in the microwave before eating.

A lot of things in the Cantonese cuisine are made of sesame. It was a really nice experience for me.


#2: Egg Tarts

Egg tarts: Typical dessert in Macau or Hong Kong.

Macanese people would argue that egg tarts spilled over from Macao. But let them all talk, in reality it originates from Portugal 😉

The tarts, also known under the name of “Pastei de nata”, consist of tenderly melting puff pastry filled with smooth egg custard. They are often sold mouth-scaldingly hot and that is when they are the best!

You can find them everywhere throughout town. We usually got them from a store called Tai Cheong Bakery. Their branches can be found in malls and railway stations. They have a very yellow interior, so you can’t miss it 🙂


 #1: Pineapple Butter Bun

When you get it in your hand, you notice the lovely smell of freshly baked bread. When you bite into it, you get the taste of a soft, sweet bun; of a crisp, even sweeter cookie; and of warm, smooth, freshly melted butter.

It’s so mouth-watering that it became Hong Kong’s cultural heritage in 2014 and there is surely something mystical about them. It’s called a pineapple bun but I promise there is no pineapple inside the bread. The name originates from the golden-brown topping that looks like the surface of a pineapple.

As stated before, the bun is a hybrid of a milk bread and a cookie. If wished order it with a piece of cold butter stuffed inside (I strongly recommend that). As the bread is served hot, the butter starts melting and gives an even greater taste experience.

The one I tried was from Kam Wah Cafe in Mong Kok. (Address: 47 Bute St, Hong Kong). This café is frequented by locals and tourists alike. They bake the buns freshly in the afternoon and that’s why they are only sold from 2 till 5 pm. You have to hurry to get there before they sell out!

When trying to find out what those buns are actually made out of, I came across this recipe from the Woks of Life and I am definitely going to try it out soon!


Have you been in Hong Kong before? What was your favourite street food back then? Don’t forget to leave a comment before you go and subcribe to my blog to not miss out on new posts.

Hong Kongs Street is unique. Here I'm trying Pinapple Butter Bun and Bubble Tea!


Maybe you are intersted in more Asian snacks… I recently found this list of the best 5 Indian sweets. So yum!














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      Which countries do you plan to visit? I’m sure you will love it 🙂 All the countries in Asia I’ve been to so far were real blasts, well also because I love nature and good food and it seems other countries have so much to offer and the food is better everywhere than in German haha 😀
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      I must say almost every place I visited in (South) East Asia had such good and so manyfold the streetfood options. Streetfood is the best. But yeah, concerning being a vegetarian, as you and me, you will certainly find something to eat in Hong Kong 🙂

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    Just returned from HK after 30 years – so good! I’m of Cantonese descent so all the food you had reminded me of home and it has made me hungry for an egg tart!!

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