Quote of the day: Hillary Clinton’s concession speech

Only yesterday, the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, was elected. It was today that Hillary Clinton approached the camera and I find it really important what she had to say:

“And to the young people in particular, I hope you will hear this. I have […] spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe in. I’ve had successes and I’ve had setbacks, sometimes really painful ones. Many of you are at the beginning of your professional, public, and political careers. You will have successes and setbacks, too. This loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.

Concession Speech by Hillary Clinton on 10th of November


I see the world getting more anxious and more divided than ever before. I see my dearest muslim friend in the US worrying whether she is still welcome or not. I see rightwing parties and anti-refugee-speeches rising in Germany. I’m not saying everyone is like that. People value our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and our equality aspirations. But yet I see most people don’t care. Being silent means agreeing. Like it has been in the years before 1945. People don’t bother doing anything. We (and I include myself) have grown up in a pretty good world, with many comforts and securities. Never did we have to worry of being kicked out of our own country, or of living in a battle zone.

Conversely, my boyfriend, coming from a country where Islam is the state religion, where attacks and killing of minorites are part of daily life, where the whole system is corrupt; he grew up protesting for what he believed in and he got his personal marks from it. He didn’t refrain from informing people about what is happening in his country which might not be correctly covered in (or even hidden from) the media. School books for example change their history every year.

But still, swimming against the current makes you tired. He had this little dream where he would open a music school (music is often frowned upon) and would teach poor students in art and critical thinking, but after years of fighting, he got tired of the system, he gave up realising this dream.

I don’t know in what way small demonstrations can help change the world, but the more people join and the more people tell their friends who tell their friends, this can make a difference. It did in 1989 when the Berlin wall fell. Make sure people know the way you’re thinking.

Do you want to live in a world of segregation like in the 60s? Do you want exploitation of workers in the third world happening? Do you agree with factory farming? Do you believe climat change is real?
Let people know what you think. And also let them know you love them.

On this occasion, to all my black and Asian and Latino and muslim friends: Never doubt that you are valuable! You are beautiful and intelligient and an important part of my lovely little world! ❤


I just recently had a couchsurfer over at my place who was a greenpeace activist. Yes, we need those people, I guess there we agree. But why not joining the movement? Why not standing up from our lazy asses? What are we in our free world scared of? We have to leave this political correctness behind us, the world is so complex, there is no right no wrong, the answer is very complex itself. Yet there standards we lean on and which we should cherish. You learn from discussions, so try to join them. Start today.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Fight for your rights and believes.

Thanks xx





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