Morocco : Raw nature – or how the country looks like in August


Today I’m going to share with you a quite honest post about my time in Morocco. I went there in August 2013, and quite honestly I was so disappointed! Also because of that point of time I was not used to travel a lot and I hadn’t yet learn to find joy in the small things along the way.

The Arabic patriarchal society annoyed me. Women were not really allowed to speak to us and men – hell! – were too enthusiastic to talk to my two female friends and me. Moroccans are also great business men so they try talking you into something all day long. A meal, a taxi, a new bag, a place for the night? Moreover, there was this heat, the relentless temperatures of 40 °C all day long. (Sleeping outside over night was not a problem at all.)

When my friend asked me to come with her to Morocco, I gratefully accepted. I have seen those romantic pictures that pop up when you just enter ‘Morocco’ in Google Images. And all those colours everywhere all the time … A dream place to be?


And then the reality … the drought, the loudness, the intrusive sellers. When I came back home I told my boyfriend Morocco is not a country worth seeing. He clicked through the pictures I took, saw the dried grass and the dust everywhere, and agreed.


It was only last week that – for the first time – I looked again on the pictures I took that time. And hell what I loved to look at them. Everything looked so romantic! What changed?


All the emotions you believe to sense at that particular part of time are transient. Everything you believe to see are just electrical impulses in your brain. Your mind is biased. It reflects that what you want to believe. Everything is a way of perception.

Over time I learned to look at things more positively. I learned to enjoy the little things: the small trees that keep on their green leaves in times of no rain, the hard-working donkey that seems unimpressed by the heat, and the calmness when you come out of a city and enter into nature.


You enjoy the warm light of the lanterns and listening to people’s music in the night – and feeling the happiness that comes along with it.

Most of all, you learn to value life.Marrakesh_up_town_hike(4)Marrakesh_up_town_hike(3)

So the pictures you can see in this post are all taken at that August back in 2013. We were on our way from Marrakesh up North to a quite unknown city where my friend’s cousin completed his peace corps service. Some pictures are taken out of a bus from the road, others were taken on a hike through the area.Marrakesh_up(3)Marrakesh_up(4)

I learned two things through this:

  1. Never believe in what Google Images shows you!
  2. A travel life is not always exciting, but uneventful periods in between just make you enjoy the highlights even more!




P.S.: Did you make similar experiences? Have you been to Morocco before?
Let me know your thoughts!



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    1 August 2016 at 22:36

    Such a lovely post!! You are so right – travelling is very much about going with the flow, enjoying the little things and not letting stuff annoy you too much. Life’s too short!

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