The most romantic castle in Baden-Wuerttemberg – the Hohenzollern Castle

You know I have travelled the world, in particular Asia in the past six months. Then comes the time, when you have to go back home, to follow some other paths in life (studies, job, etc.). It doesn’t need to be that you resettle back home, but I really enjoy the time at home too at the moment. Suddendly you are able to do things again that are very difficult when you are on the road. I take care of a varied, healthy diet (not eating out every day as I did at some point in South East Asia – ‘cos it’s so cheap and there is no kitchen in hostels) and even more, rethink the food items we are used to eat daily and test them for their actual health support. (Conclusion? Cook at home.) I am so hooked to set up a cosy home and follow my passion to have green, befriending rooms (#UrbanJungle) … It’s a whole new adventure of a different kind!

Innenhof Burg

And then of course there is the urge to earn money. I could do this while traveling, there are thousands of freelance and location-independant jobs out there, but at the moment, I like the feeling to have a steady place and to take a break from researching about new possible destinations. (I do that of course, but to a lesser extent.) My main occupation at the moment is working at a little café not far from my apartment. I particullary enjoy working there, because the time seems to pass slower inside, my coworkers inspire me with their ways of thinking or independant projects and even the customers spending their time there notice the different atmosphere. (Might introduce it to you in a different article.)

The special thing, when you are one of the “working people” afresh, is that you start appreciating those moments again when you get out of your routine, live the moment and do some sight-seeing around your area.

That’s why yesterday Mr. & Mrs. Explorer decided to pay a visit to Hohenzollern Castle A castle? In this context I have to tell you how much I appreciate to see the green woods, the winding rivers and the majestic castles and forts on the top of the hills since I came back from the deserts of Rajasthan (India) and Iran. It makes me feel at home instantly. The green, vivid colour breaks my heart wide open.

I appreciate Germany for its green woods, winding rivers and the majestic castles and forts on the top of the mountains.

 Hohenzollern Castle seen from a hill with wild flowers



The Hohenzollern Castle


The Hohenzollern Castle (“Burg Hohenzollern” in German) is situated on such a previously stated hilltop. We could see it from the highway as far as Tübingen (30km away) majestically sitting on its throne. The castle was built in 1850 from the Hohenzollern family. The small towers and neo-gothic style give it a magical touch. The inconspicuous walls and windows from the outside – or its medieval charm – could never make you imagine the extravagance inside.

Castle Hohenzollern - Courtyard

Lover of tasteful ambientes listen up!

In the royal chambers you find: gold in all versions (as patterns on the ceiling, as candlesticks, chandeliers, etc.), patterns in all styles and colours, a marble floor, lively coloured window panes, finely designed ceilings (again gold and patterns), furniture from the old times, wall paintings, a huge family tree, and many more floral and neo-gothic ornaments. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures from the chambers.



A guided tour at Hohenzollern castle is a must!

I’m all about travelling without spending any money (as you know). At Hohenzollern Castle however, I say invest the money and go on a guided tour! This way only you will be able to see the lavish interior design. And even more, learn about the history of the German Empire and how people lived back then. (It is also possible to see the indoor areas without a guided tour on the days of the so called “Royal Castle Stroll”  – yet the price is the same as with a tour.)

Tuer Innenhof

How much does a visit to the Hohenzollern Castle cost?

Fees at the Hohenzollern Castle

Parking fees2.00€ per car for the whole day
Shuttle bus2.00€ p.p. one way (The walk up the stairs is 800 meters on foot and only takes 15 minutes.)
Admission fees without guided tour7.00€ p.p.
Admission fees with guided tour12.00€ p.p.;
10.00€ p.p. for students
Source: && The tariffs quoted are subject to change.


By the way, you may not know that two thirds of the castle are still privately owned by Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia. He his the great-great-grandson of Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor and King of Prussia. Georg lives a “regular life as a normal citizen in Bremen”, as the guide stated with full confidence. Seeing his great heritage, I seriously doubt that 😉

Note: The kings and emperor of Prussia did not rule from Hohenzollern Castle. However, members of their family from the Swabian branch of the Hohenzollern dynasty lived here, more accurately the Princes of Hohenzollern-Hechingen.

Zeller Horn

Where to get the best view over the Hohenzollern Castle

After the visit of the castle itself, I dreamed of seeing the castle from a bit further away, similar to the view we had from the highway. In general I think it’s always nice to see a place from all different perspectives to truly find its beauty (same goes for also seeing the interior design which I warmly recommend you to do).

To marvel over the extraordinarily picturesque location of the castle, visit the viewpoint at ” Zeller Horn“.

Even though Mr. Explorer was a bit tired after the tour of the castle itself, I could convince him to drive to the nearby mountain to have an overlook of the area. Already the drive to the mountain was so panoramic – we basically drove a semicircle around the sublime castle and saw it from all angles. Then the final viewpoint itself was just mind-blowing! We had a stunning view over the castle and the slowly setting sun. It was really beautiful in all ways and of course Mr. Explorer ended up being thankful that we went to this panoramic lookout point.

Mr. & Mrs. Explorer with Hohenzollern Castle in the background.

Zeller Horn

Zeller Horn” is the name of the viewpoint if you want to check it out (you should!). You can either walk there directly from the castle (approx. 3.5km) or reach nearby with the car. For those going by car, there is free parking available at Zollersteighof with an easy 20 minutes walk. At the parking, follow the white gravel way — do not walk into the forest from the car park, although a sign might tell you to..!

Address of the car park: Zollersteighof Berghotel, Zollersteighof 2, 72461 Albstadt


Trying out my new 50mm prime lense…


The half-day excursion to Hohenzollern Castle

All-in-all, we needed around half a day to visit the castle as well as the viewpoint (including the drive from and to Stuttgart). The castle suprisingly was not too crowded in the afternoon hours (holiday season in Baden-Wurttemberg).

Also when we travelled in Vietnam and Thailand, we usually took half-day trips. This way, we could still relax in the morning (sleep long, have a quiet breakfast) and let the evening end in a nice restaurant or take the time to reflect the day in peace, without being too tired.

We prefer to only plan half of the day for a trip.

Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Explorer – we both – are highly sensitive persons. This means we both easily get overstimulated by external stimuli (e.g. loud noise). For sure that’s also one of the reasons why I like to take long walks in the nature.

Wirf den Hut

Our intercultural relationship

I believe you have noticed that Mr. Explorer doesn’t look as German as myself. And indeed, he is not. Since over 4 years now we live in an happy intercultural relationship. Seeing that we both follow the same principles in life, it’s an easy match. No cultural shocks or whatsoever. Nonetheless, the culture of the Indian subcontinent is slightly different from ours and the privacy of the personal life is a big issue. (Let’s say at least when you are not married.) I am thus very grateful to him that he approved of posting personal pictures. Especially because this place was so much romantic!

I hope you enjoyed watching this pics. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
And now tell me: What is the most romantic castle in your region?






















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  • Reply
    30 August 2017 at 14:27

    What an inspiring post about a wonderful castle. Now I’m totally motivated to visit Germany again in the near future 🙂 I also love the green and freshness of this country (and Switzerland!) I personally love the castle of Oberhofen near my hometown Thun. And when we took the bus from Inverness in Scotland to the Isle of Skye there was one castle on the way that looked amazing. And near Edinburgh is the Tantallon Castle. It’s totally falling apart but so, so stunning sitting on the cliff. 🙂

    All the best, Pascale

    • Reply
      31 August 2017 at 17:44

      Wow, if it’s coming from a Swiss girl, then I believe you 😄 (Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries ever. Switzerland and Norway.) The castle in Oberhofen looks amazing (and this cute little tower that stretches over the lake)… I get the impression you have many gems stored in your mind. First the view point in Scotland, now a castle (and some more in Scotland). Keep it coming 🙂
      And you do seem to have a deep connection to Scotland, don’t you? 💜

  • Reply
    The Wildest Tales
    1 September 2017 at 10:45

    My boyfriend is Spanish and I’m Polish. Even though it’s not such a big cultural difference as in your couple I think that as long as you have the principals in life then there is no problem! And if you ever get married in India – I want to come!!!! 😀

    The castle is beautiful, we also have so many of them in the south of Poland – my brother went to see them all the other day (there is a special touristic route). I totally agree that in some places it’s better to pay a bit and go on a guided tour – the experience is so much better when you get to know the history!

    • Reply
      1 September 2017 at 15:00

      Well… actually neither of us is planning to get married. Time will tell if that train of thought will remain like this 😀 I think in our modern society there’s no need to get married. Marriage even seems to have gotten meaningless… You promise to stay together forever, but then you notice a bad thing about your partner and you give up. People have forgotten how to solve problems and how to compromise. If you want the benefits of a relationship (someone knows you inside out, you go in the same direction, somebody holds you tight), then also be okay with some mistakes/ bad characteristics at times.
      Anyways, I know you guys will get married, so I’m sure you will be role models in your field. Communication is the key point.

      Even Spanish and Polish, yet both European, will have its cultural differences I guess. I love to see how much international the world has become. We got the impression that some years back there were not as many intercultural couples as nowadays.

      Wow that must have been a long trip seeing all the castles. I believe Germany to have a similar road (I think one for half-timbered houses, one for castles…). The one for castles goes along river Rhein – my favourite part is between Bingen and Koblenz. It’s sooo pretty! Which castle was your brother’s favourite?

      All the best

  • Reply
    22 September 2017 at 09:43

    Beautiful Castle. And wow, still 2/3 privately owned. Lucky guy I guess, right? …
    You and your partner make a lovely couple. Intercultural relationship are so interesting and intriguing sometimes. My brother in law, Romanian, is married to a German girl:) This is how Germany and Munster became for us one of the most visited places.

    • Reply
      6 November 2017 at 16:53

      Thank you Julia 🙂 I guess Georg Friedrich is a lucky man – who wouldn’t like to live in a fairytale castle 😀
      I have never been to Munster by the way, although I heard it’s a pretty city. Should visit there some day!

  • Reply
    31 January 2018 at 06:28

    The castle is gorgeous and so is it’s backdrop. I wish I could live here forever 🙂 The good part is that the prices don’t seem to be on the steeper side for a visit here. Which makes it all the more attractive.

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