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Hanoi - a culinary exploration with egg coffee, lemon tea and pho

Hanoi the local way

Vietnam. I decided to relax a bit in Hanoi before discovering a new country and approached the city in a culinary way, trying out lemon tea, egg coffee and pho. Never heard of it? This way, please.

5 desserts you need to try in India/Pakistan

Desserts are a great way to end a satisfying meal in almost every culture in the world. The Subindian continent has its own set of dishes, which will be presented in this short article. Hungry mouths should not look at this post ;)

Zanzibar Island – Is it worth visiting?

Tanzania. A great gallery of pictures of my time on Zanzibar back in 2012. I will take you to Stone Town (loved the flair!) and, of course, to the sandy white beach. There is no denying it: the turquoise blue ocean is mesmerising. I will also respond to the question if I recommend to go there or not.

Hong Kong Street Food

5 snacks you need to try when visiting Hong Kong

Dim sum, grilled seafood, dried seafood, tofu, exotic fruits, pastries, desserts, soft ice, frest coconut milk, bubble tea... Although Hong Kong, like every big city, has a great variety of food from everywhere in the world, Hong Kong's speciality is the Street Food. Here are my five personal favorites!

A guide for hitchhiking. 10 essential tips for beginners.

10 essential tips before starting your hitchhiking trip

People will tell you it's dangerous. People will tell you only crazy people are out there. Hitchhiking is probably the form of travelling with the most prejudices, but that unjustified! In this article I will give you 10 tips that make your hitchhiking trip a success and thereby a true adventure. Because all hitchhiking teaches you about is trust in humanity :)