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Hong Kong Street Food

5 snacks you need to try when visiting Hong Kong

Dim sum, grilled seafood, dried seafood, tofu, exotic fruits, pastries, desserts, soft ice, frest coconut milk, bubble tea... Although Hong Kong, like every big city, has a great variety of food from everywhere in the world, Hong Kong's speciality is the Street Food. Here are my five personal favorites!

Banana Milkshake Cake (vegan)

Banana-Milkshake-Cake (vegan)

A mix of the best: A banana peanutbutter milk shake stuffed in an equally awesome chocolate cake. Why you have to try it? It tastes wonderfully juicy, chocolaty and laxly. The recipe is simple and quickly made. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to utilize your overripe bananas, which help the cake to get its banana-ish aroma.