Who inspired me (and might inspire you too!)

If you asked me who inspired me most to try a rather unconventional way of travelling, e.g. hitchhiking through the US and Canada and sleeping in strangers’ places? That would be Tomislav Perko.

It’s not necessarily about travelling on a low budget, it’s about the experiences you make while doing so, the things you learn about yourself and the people you meet. It’s about changing your way of thinking, and getting a new perception of the world.

I came across him while watching some TEDTalks. I found out he wrote a book and I bought it. I read it in three days, it was so overwhelming. The fact that he just left his home, his friends behind, tried at first to make his way to Amsterdam, decided he wanted more and hitchhiked to Andalusia. And then, as if that was not enough, he started his tour around the world.

But the real treasure? He lived in a life of wealth, he could buy anything he wanted. But after losing all of his money in the stock market, he radically changed his way of living, changed his way of seeing the world and never complained about it!

He travelled on a budget of less than 10$/day, trying to collect the money he lost through some funding he got. He couchsurfed, he hitchhiked, he worked in exchange for some food and a place to sleep. He started to listen to the stories of hundreds of people, experienced live so many different cultures, looked for a way to raise awareness of the cruelty he found in some places, and finally started to write his first book.





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