It’s one of those moments when your expectations are really low … and you leave the place surprised and inspired.

I was getting a rideshare from someone with a single review of 3/5 stars that didn’t even contain a comment. Well, I needed that ride, so I was waiting for the driver, when I noticed I forgot an important thing at home. I was so hysterical that I called her to ask if it would be a problem for her to go past my home. The voice at the other end replied very calmly “sure, no problem, we can do that”. First surprise!

Then she stood in front of me. A woman, middle-aged, with her white, wide trousers, a bright green Kurta and a turban of the same colour. Her teeth yellow, maybe from too much smoking in her early years. She looked like a citizen of the world, someone you can have the right conversations with. Her name was Kathrin, but she called herself Gopalpreet.

She is a fashion designer by profession. She has her own small label close to Aschaffenburg where she creates clothes for Yoga. The motto: fair, social and transparent. Every year she flies to India to buy new fabrics and to have a look at the working conditions of the people on-site.

But what I really valued was this deeply relaxed aura around her. While she’s driving me to my place, I come to know that she is a yoga teacher. It helps her to figure out a lot of things about herself. She learned to observe her body and see what it needed. You can really see that she is at peace with herself.

I tell her that I admire her for wearing these traditional clothes in her everyday life. She answers back that she just feels so comfortable wearing them. People should accept themselves more the way they are. If they do so, they can also carry that feeling to the outside world.

Later, she tells me about recurring patterns that show up in our lives until we learn not to bother but to cope with them. It’s like life or nature wants to teach you a lesson. But once you go beyond that state, you will grow from the inside.
Or, that things will come to you when you need them. Try to focus a bit on yourself and your needs from now on.

The time in the car flew by and I left her car seeing the world with somewhat fresh eyes. In the end, I gave her a 5/5 stars rating. I think I needed someone to inspire me, and nature sent me a gift!



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